Chess lessons in Xàbia for all ages


Xàbia Chess Club is proud to offer, one more year, chess lessons to all ages (from 5 years old to the elderly ones!)
Francisco Morató Tent (who teaches in spanish and valenciano) and Jose María Najarro García (who teaches in spanish and english), both chess technicians by the Spanish Chess Federation, will be teaching this amazing and skills improving sport from october 2015 until june 2016. Lessons will be thursdays and fridays (it depends on the student level) from 19h to 20h. Price for all year is just 50 euros.
If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to phone Jose María (669 01 65 15) and ask him whatever you want.
So now let’s learn what are the benefits of playing chess!!
Why chess is so good for kids? (and for adults too!)
Chess Builds Problem Solving Abilities
What is chess but competitive problem solving? Both you and your opponent have the same goal in mind, place the opponent’s King in check, and the same resources to do so.

Chess Improves Children’s Cognition
Now we have scientific support for what we have known all along: chess makes kids smarter!
Chess Improves Verbal Skills
A game that is largely language-independent can improve verbal skills by exercising functions of the brain related to language, such as logic.

Chess Preserves Mental Acuity
Chess has been shown to bolster the cognitive reserve of elderly players, which helps prevent cognitive symptoms of diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Chess Improves Emotional Intelligence
As well as psycho-social skills.

Chess Improves Mathematical Skills
Math is about pattern-recognition, logic, and the ability to play around with variable in your head, all of which chess is known to improve.

Chess Teaches Logic and Efficiency
Or how to use the simplest solution to solve a complex problem.

Chess Teaches The Importance of Planning (And Consequences)
It is rare that your goal will be reached without planning ahead and heeding the consequences of each action.

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